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Nick Lewis Heads Over the Pennines

Nick Lewis Heads Over the Pennines

Former Sheffield Sharks guard Nick Lewis signs for the new look Manchester Giants ahead of the 2022/23 season.

The 29 year old guard from Scarborough,Toronto, Canada first graced the BBL in 2012 with the Sheffield sharks and had three productive seasons which even included silverware in the form of the BBL Trophy in 2013.

The Canadian British guard then joined the London Lions for the 2015-16 season and then later played for the Solent Kestrels in the NBL Division 1 after a short break from the game. He then rejoined the Sheffield Sharks in 2019. As well as a substantial impact on the court, Nick Lewis also provides impact off of it too with Make it Work Global. An international sports platform dedicated to providing opportunities for athletes and youth players of all ages.

Instead of it being down to chance, Lewis wants to provide athletes with the tools for success. Excited about the new challenges that lie ahead, Nick Lewis said: “I’m always thankful for the opportunity to play basketball at a high level.  I’m also excited to play for Coach Vince and represent the City of Manchester. Let’s get to work!”.

Equally excited about the prospect of Nick Lewis is Manchester Giants head coach Vince Macaulay who said: “Nick is just reaching his peak at 29, still young for how experienced he is, he’s a fearless player and I think he’s reached a maturity now where he can get the most of his exceptional skills, I can see him being a real spark for us”. The new season is just around the corner as the BBL Championship kicks off on September 23rd with the Manchester Giants taking on the Bristol Flyers.

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